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Strickerfilm is a company established 1990 by Michael Stricker.
Michael is a qualified businessman and working in the film industry since 1980.
Strickerfilm  was significantly involved in the development and production of more than 40 theatrical and television feature film productions. Our experiences enclose worldwide shootings in studio and on location with a great number of international partners.
In 1991 Michael Stricker  was the co-founder of the ROSSINI OPERA FESTIVAL on the Isle  of Rugia and its General Manager until 1994.  Michael stayed in Moscow half of 1995 on a feature film production in MOSFILM studios and on location in the city. Looking back on two entire shootings in Romania in winter 1991 (FOX:HUNTER, directed by the Romanian director Stere Gulea and written by Nobel prize winner Herta Müller) and  from spring 1993 (NOSTRADAMUS, directed by the academy award winner Roger Christian, starring Tchéky Karyo, F. Murray Abraham, Julia Ormond, Amanda Plummer and Rutger Hauer) the stay in Moscow was well prepared.
In the late 80th Michael supervised the international 12-part TV semi-doc series MOZART ON TOUR about Mozarts musical development, his traveling through Europe and his piano concertos with the four times Academy Award winner Sir André Previn as narrator on locations and various prominent international orchestras, their conductors and soloists like the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Vladimir Ashkenazy, the Orchestra of the Mozarteum under the baton of Jeffrey Tate, Soloist: Mitsuko Uchida and the Vienna Philharmonics under the baton of Sir André Previn, Soloist: Alicia Delarocha. Therewith he started his successful business relation in Prague where he stayed again and again over the 2 years production period.
In the same time he supervised a 6-part semi-doc production for the world leading concrete industry titled LIQUID ROCK starring the multiple awarded Sir Peter Ustinov as narrator on locations worldwide and as actor in various studio scenes shot in Prague.
In 1990 the shooting of COLETTE directed by Danny Huston, son of the great John Huston was the start of Michael contacts to the U.S. film industry and the formation of STRICKERFILM.
Beside this particularly LE JARDIN DE PLANTES also known as THE GREENHOUSE directed by Acadamy Award Winner Philippe de Broca, THE BOYS FROM COUNTY CLARE directed by John Irvin and PRISONERS OF THE SUN directed by Academy Award Winner Roger Christian are productions to be highlighted.
In 2007 the action production "Stopping Power"  stalled after the first two shooting days due to financing problems with principle John Cusack directed by Jan de Bont.
Since 2004 strickerfilm is consultant for all production insurance related subjects including claim benefits and loss adjustment.

Theatrical Films

"Anonym", D.: Maria Speth, feature film, Executive Producer                                           "Robert", D.: Philip Gröning, feature film, Consultant                                                                "Iron Sky", D.: Timo Vuorensola, feature film, Line Producer
"Ninja Assassin", D.:James McTeigue",feature film, Prod.Mgr.2nd Unit
"Prisoners of the Sun",D.:Roger Christian,feature film,Line Producer
"The Boys from County Clare", D.:John Irvin, feature film, Production Executive
"Into Great Silence", D.: Philip Groening, theatrical documentary, Executive Producer
"L'amour, L'argent, L'amour", D.: Philip Groening, feature film, Executive Producer
"The Killer Condom",  D.: Martin Walz, feature film, Line Producer
"Le Jardin de Plantes " aka  "The Greenhouse" aka "Tales from the Zoo" D.: Philippe de
 Broca, feature film, Line Producer
"Nostradamus", D.: Roger Christian, feature film, Line Producer
"Fox : Hunter", D.: Stere Gulea, feature film, Production Executive
"Colette", D.: Danny Huston, feature film, Production Manager
"Europa und der zweite Apfel", D.: Hans Neuenfels, feature Film, Production Manager
"Blue Moon" , D.: Karsten Wichniarz, feature film,  Executive Producer
"Der Sprinter", D.: Christoph Böll, feature film, Production Manager
"Stromberg, die letzte Nacht", D.: Werner Possard, feature film, Production Manager
"Close Circuit" aka "System ohne Schatten", D.: Rudolf Thomé, feature film, Art Director

TV Feature
                                                                                                                                       "Romeo", D.: Hermine Huntgeburth, Executive Producer
"Maitre da Costa" episode "Panic á Munic" , D.: Gabriele Heberling, Line Producer
"Trügerische Nähe", D.: Udo Witte, Production Manager
"Der letzte Kurier," 2 x 90 min., D.: Adolf Winkelmann,Line Producer
"Novacek" episode: "Le Star de Babelsberg", D.: Peter Goedel, Production Manager
"Feuer und Wasser", D.: Bodo Fürneisen, Production Manager
"Knock Out", D.: Ulf von Mechow, Production Manager

TV Documentary

"Eichmanns Ende", D.: Raymond Ley, TV-Semi Doc, Line Producer Cuba
"The Holy Cities: Jerusalem", D.: Anne Worst, TV-Documentary, Prod. Coordinator
"Degenerate Art", D.: David Grubin, Documentary of the exhibition "Degenerate Art", Production Manager Berlin shooting
"Liquid Rock," aka "Der fließende Fels" 6 x 60 min.,
D: Michael Havas (N.Z.); 6-part Semi Documentatry,
Production Manager

                                                                                                                                    zak film gmbh, Berlin, var. products, Prod.Manager
E&P Commercial Filmproduktion GmbH, Munich, var. products, Producer

                                                                                                                                                     "Arte Lounge", classical music talk show, 4 x 60 min, Line Producer
"Atlantik Affairs", 1 x 90 min, Queen Elisabeth II and New York shooting, Prod. Manager
"Mozart on Tour",13 x 60 min.. semi doc. w. live concert recordings, Prod.Manager
"Mit Taten helfen", 80 min live-broadcast, beneficiary concert, Prod. Manager
"Peter Hamill," 60 min., live recording, Prod. Manager
"Justus Frantz on Gran Canaria", 60 min, classical music, Prod. Consultant
"Abbado in Berlin", portrait and concert recordings, Prod. Coord., Berlin shooting
"1.Berlin Independent Days", 60 min, various concert recordings, Prod. Manager

"Rossini Opera Festival Rugia", Opera Festival in Putbus on the Isle of Rugia (Baltic Sea) , General Manager (CEO)
Live Broadcast of the Public German Unification Celebration, Berlin Alexanderplatz for RTL, 10 hours Open Air Liveshow with 8 hours and 6 cities  live broadcast, Prod. Manager

Loss Adjustment/Claim Consulting

"Allianz - 2194", commercial, dir.: Lars Büchel,  element e filmproduktion
 "Heiter bis tödlich - Monaco 110", tv-series, dir.: Wilhelm Engelhardt, Producers at Work
feature film, dir.:Thomas Stuber, Departures Film GmbH
 "Porsche - The new Porsche ...", commercial, dir.: Matthias Berndt,  Bakery Films
 "Polizeiruf 110 - Käfer und Prinzessin", tv-series, dir.:Robert Thalheim, Real Film
 "Vaterfreuden", farture film, Pantaleon Films GmbH
 "Heiter bis tödlich - Alles Klara", tv series, ndF - neue deutsche filmproduktion
 "Hubert und Staller - Die ins Gras beissen", tv series, entertainment Factory
 "The Cut", feature film, dir.: Fatih Akin,    bombero international gmbh
 "Heiter bis tödlich - Zwischen den Zeilen", tv series, Crazy Film GmbH
 "Heiter bis tödlich - Morden im Norden", tv series, ndF - neue deutsche filmproduktion
 "Fair Play", feature film, dir.: Andrea Sedlackova, Departures Film GmbH
 "Mein Bruder Robert" feature film, dir.: Philip Gröning, Philip Groening Film
 "Hafen der Düfte", tv feature, dir.: Peter Gersina, teamWorx Television und Film
 "Grenzgang", tv feature, dir.: Brigitte Maria Bertele, teamWorx Television und Film
 "BZgA - Welt-Aids-Tag 2012",  commercial, dir.: Esther Gronenborn, kakoii GmbH
 "Frau Ella", feature film, dir.: Markus Goller , Pantaleon Films GmbH
 "Großstadtrevier", tv series, Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion
 "Freier Fall", feature film, dir.: Stephan Lacant, Kurhaus Production
 "Family Business", documetary, dir.: Christiane Büchner, Büchner.Filmproduktiion
 "Heiter bis tödlich - Hauptstadtrevier", tv series, Askania Media Filmproduktion
 "Heiter bis tödlich - Morden im Norden",  tv series, ndF - neue deutsche filmproduktion
 "Schlussmacher", feature film, Pantaleon Films GmbH
 "Audi - Welcome Challenges",  commercial, dir.: Chris Hewitt, Markenfilm GmbH
 "Für kein Geld der Welt", tv film, dir.: Stephan Meyer, Calypso Entertaiment
 "Moko Istanbul - Der Preis des Lebens", tv series, dir.: Michael Kreindl    Ziegler Film
 "Ein Fall von Liebe - Saubermänner",  tv film, dir.: Jorgo Papavassiliou, Cinecentrum
 "Schlafkrankheit", feature film, dir.: Ulrich Köhler, Komplizen Film GmbH
 "Mein Glück", feature film, dir.: Sergej Loznitsa, fiction Gmbh
 "Alle Zeit der Welt", tv film, dir.: Andrea Katzenberger, Pinguin Film GmbH
 " Land Brandenburg - Hast du noch was vor?", Imagefilm, dir.:E.Gronenborn, JUNIFILM
 "Raising Resistance", documentary, Dreamer Joint Venture
 "Same same but different", feature film, Dir.: Detlev Buck, Boje Buck Produktion
 "Mamarosh", feature film, dir.: Moma (Momcilo) Mrdakovic, Corazón International
 "Parkour",  tv film, dir.. Marc Rensing,  Zum Goldenen Lamm Film
 "Lila, Lila", feature film, dir.: Alain Gsponer, Film1 GmbH & Co KG
 "Phantomschmerz", short film, dir.: Alexandre Powelz, Salonfilm Powelz und Seib
 "Zu schön für mich", tv film, dir.: Karola Hattop, Eikon Mitte GmbH
 "HelloOh! Ms. Lucifer", short film, dir.: Christina Kinne, Kinne Films, Christina Kinne
 "Unter weißen Segeln - Träume am Horizont",   tv series, dir.: Gero Erhardt, Novafilm
 "VW AG - Polo 2005", image film, dir.: Daniel Steinmetz, United Visions
 "Rohtenburg", feature film, dir.: Martin Weisz, Atlantic Streamline
 "Die Nacht der großen Flut", tv film, dir.: Raymond Ley, Cinecentrum Hamburg
 "Tatort - Der Tod auf der Walz", tv series, dir.: Martin Enlen, Avista Film
 "5-Sterne-Kerle inklusive", tv film, dir.: Vivian Naefe, Ziegler Film
 "Ausgerechnet Weihnachten", TV-Film, dir.: Gabriela Zerhau, Monaco Film GmbH
 "Einstein Superstar", documentary, dir.: Peter Scholl, Cine plus Media Service
 "Berlin, Berlin", tv series, Studio Hamburg Produktion

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